Dance with your dragons

The dragons of transformation and leadership are personal limits, organizational mindsets, and the challenges of complexity. People who have the task or opportunity to lead significant change can sometimes be intimidated by the fuzzy front end of it. Are you curious about how best to apply the lessons of creativity to your leadership?

In this program participants will experience an active introduction in how to enlarge and enhance your influence. You will focus on yourself, on others and on the environment in order to create the dance floor for the “dance with dragons.”


  • Identify the personal features that allow you to walk the talk of a creative leader:
    transform yourself;
  • Set the climate for innovative mindsets in your organization:
    transform climate; and
  • Leverage the paradoxes that come with your challenges and opportunities:
    transform dilemma.
Liz Monroe-Cook, Ph.D, has extensive experience as a consulting psychologist focusing on individual, group and organizational effectiveness.   She uses creative thinking skills and Polarity Thinking in much of her facilitation, training and coaching work. She draws much of her own learning from the fields of cognitive and social psychology. She serves as a leader...
Branko is coördinator van COCD’s Advanced program, Master Class creatief en innovatief leiderschap en ICSC’s Master of Science program in Europa
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    19 november 2018 9:00
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    20 november 2018 17:00
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    Impact Hub Amsterdam, Linnaeusstraat 2C, Amsterdam, Nederland
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